Research corpora

The digital research corpus ‘Spain and the European integration process: Vectors of convergence, cohesion factors and shifting paradigms' explores the contemporary relationship between Spain and Europe at a time of radical questioning and change. It seeks to propose mechanisms for interdisciplinary analysis that facilitate the study of the contributions each entity has made to the other and the challenges that each dimension raises. The concept of convergence implies, from this viewpoint, an intersection of willingness in progressive dialogue or, at least, a tendency towards the search for a meeting point, for an alignment of perspectives thanks to variables and actors which recognise their probable similitude. In this sense, the converging pathways of Spain and Europe are conceived as a spherical and nonlinear structure, where the intersecting points of the past are transformed into the roots for new rapprochements and new possible derivations.


The corpus will include the publication of relevant and structured primary and secondary sources accompanied by analytical texts that will guide users, both constituting innovative research results and opening new lines of research and interpretations in this realm.