Yves Bertoncini, ‘Fiscal compact’, sovereignty and austerity

The ‘fiscal compact’ represents only 6 of the 16 articles in the Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance, yet it has been the source of both expectations and criticism. In this article dated 26 July 2012, Yves Bertoncini, Secretary-General of Notre Europe, analyses the implications of the ‘fiscal compact’.

Source and copyright

Source: Notre Europe – Tribune . «Pacte budgétaire», Souveraineté et austérité. Bertoncini, Yves. [ON LINE]. [Paris]: Notre Europe, [01.11.2013]. 26.07.2012. http://www.notre-europe.eu/media/pactebudgetaire_lemot_ne_juillet12_01.pdf?pdf=ok.

Copyright: (c) Notre Europe – Institut Jacques Delors

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