‘The West wanted Yeltsin’ from L’Humanité (18 August 2001)

On 18 August 2001, 10 years after the coup d’état in the Soviet Union, the French Communist daily newspaper L’Humanité considers the varied reactions of Western countries to the putsch: the United States and the United Kingdom strongly supported Boris Yeltsin; Germany called for Gorbachev’s return to power; and France firstly took the side of Gennady Yanayev and his putschist junta before giving its support to the Russian President, Yeltsin.

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Source: L'Humanité. Journal du Parti communiste français. 18.10.2001. Paris. http://www.humanite.fr/2001-08-18_International_RUSSIE-L-Occident-voulait-Eltsine. "L'Occident voulait Eltsine", auteur:Okba Lamrani.

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