‘The battle for Strasbourg' from the Europäische Zeitung (August 2003)

In August 2003, the German monthly Europäische Zeitung outlines the difficulties that Members of the European Parliament encounter in their everyday life because of the lack of transport links between Strasbourg and elsewhere. Despite their dissatisfaction, France possesses in the treaties the best weapon in its battle to keep the seat of the European Parliament there.

Source and copyright

Source: Europäische Zeitung. Das Magazin für Europa. Hrsg. A. Entel, Stephan; Dr Schoser, Franz. August 2003, Nr. 8. [s.l.]: Europa Union Verlag GmbH. ISSN 0014-2611. "Der Kampf um Strassburg", auteur:Keller, Horst , p. 32.

Copyright: (c) Europa Union Verlag GmbH

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