Telegram from Winston Churchill to Harry Truman on the European situation (12 May 1945)

On 12 May 1945, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill sends a telegram to US President Harry Truman in which he expresses his concerns at the future of the European situation and the relations between the Western Allies and Moscow. The announcement of a mass withdrawal of US troops from Europe may leave the continent defenceless against an increasingly expansionist Russia whose political agenda remains uncertain. Winston Churchill, very concerned by Russia’s attitude in the regions it occupies militarily, already refers to an iron curtain being drawn down in Eastern Europe.

Source and copyright

Source: CHURCHILL, Winston S. Triumph and Tragedy. 2nd éd. Volume 6. London: The Reprint Society Ltd, 1956. 648 p. (The Second World War). p.457-458.

Copyright: (c) The Reprint Society Ltd

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