Telegram from Jacques Fouques-Duparc to Antoine Pinay on the Italian position with regard to the Benelux memorandum (28 May 1955)

On 28 May 1955, Jacques Fouques-Duparc, the French Ambassador to Italy informs the French Foreign Minister of the Italian position on European economic integration, in the run-up to the Messina Conference, based on a press conference held by the Director-General for Economic Affairs in the Italian Foreign Ministry, Attilio Cattani. Italy seems to be generally in favour of broad economic integration but is also interested in sectoral cooperation in the nuclear industry.

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Source: [Télégramme à l’arrivée de Jacques Fouques-Duparc (Rome, 8 mai 1955)]. 2p.

Archives historiques de l'Union européenne. Ministère des Affaires étrangères français. MAEF.DECE. Division économique et financière: service de coopération économique (1945-1967). Communauté économique européenne, MAEF.DECE-5. Relance de l'idée européenne, MAEF-611.

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