Summary of the 71st meeting of the working party of the OECD Economic Policy Committee (Paris, 18 and 19 October 1971)

On 18 and 19 October 1971, in reaction to the US decision to suspend the dollar’s convertibility into gold, the working party of the Economic Policy Committee of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) submits a report assessing the scale of the adjustment required in the United States’ balance of payments and the implications of this for other countries.

Source and copyright

Source: Archives familiales Pierre Werner, Luxembourg.
71ème réunion du Groupe de Travail n°3 du Comité de Politique Economique de l'OCDE (Paris, 18 et 19 octobre 1971). Paris: OCDE, 22.10.1971.

Copyright: (c) Archives familiales Pierre Werner

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