Statement by Mario Ferrari-Aggradi at the Agriculture Conference of the EEC Member States (Stresa, 3–12 July 1958)

At the Agriculture Conference held in Stresa from 3 to 12 July 1958 and attended by the representatives of the Member States of the European Economic Community (EEC), Mario Ferrari-Aggradi, Italian Agriculture Minister, describes the situation of Italian agriculture in the light of the challenge of a common agricultural policy.

Source and copyright

Source: Comunità Economica Europea (sous la dir.). Raccolta dei documenti della Conferenza agricola degli Stati membri della Comunità Economica Europea, A Stresa dal 3 al 12 Luglio 1958. [s.l.]: Comunità europee, 1959. 258 p.

Copyright: (c) Comunità europee, 1995-2012

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