Statement by Klaus Kinkel on participation of the CEECs in the European security architecture (Paris, 13 May 1997)

On 13 May 1997, at a session of the Council of Western European Union (WEU) in Paris, Klaus Kinkel, German Foreign Minister, confirms the determination of the next German Presidency of WEU to develop the organisation’s pivotal role between the European Union and NATO. In his statement, he emphasises the possibility offered to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEECs) to participate in the definition of the European security and defence policy as associate partners under the aegis of WEU.

Source and copyright

Source: Bulletin des Presse- und Informationsamtes der Bundesregierung. 16.06.1997, Nr. 50. Bonn: Deutscher Bundesverlag.

Copyright: (c) Presse- und Informationsamt der Bundesregierung

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