‘Prospects’ from Die Gegenwart (1 June 1950)

On 1 June 1950, the German magazine Die Gegenwart outlines the economic, political and social implications of the Schuman Plan for the Federal Republic of Germany and emphasises the importance of including Eastern Europe in the future coal and steel pool.

Source and copyright

Source: Die Gegenwart. Hrsg. Brück, Max von; Freund, Michael; Haerdter, Robert; Hauenstein, Fritz; Küsel, Herbert; Oeser, Albert; Reifenberg, Benno; Sieburg, Friedrich ; Herausgeber Reifenberg, Benno. 01.06.1950, Nr. 108; 5. Jg. Freiburg im Breisgau: Die Gegenwart GmbH. "Chancen", p. 1-3.

Copyright: (c) Die Gegenwart

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