Press conference held by Wolfgang Schüssel: negotiations for the accession of Turkey to the European Union (Vienna, 9 January 2006)

On 9 January 2006, at a press conference held in Vienna after a working meeting between the Austrian Government and the European Commission, Wolfgang Schüssel, Austrian Chancellor and President-in-Office of the Council of the European Union, sets out the terms for the opening of negotiations with Turkey on accession to the European Union.

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Source: Oesterreichischer Rundfunk - Austrian Broadcasting Corp., Wuerzburgstrasse, 30, A-1136 Wien.
Pressekonferenz, 09.01.2006 / Wolfgang Schüssel.- Wien: Bundesrepublik Österreich [Prod.], 09.01.2006. ORF, Wien. - VIDEO (00:01:46, Farbe, Originalton).

Copyright: (c) ORF

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