Press conference held by Nicole Fontaine (Strasbourg, 15 September 1999)

On 15 September 1999, following the vote of approval by MEPs of the new Commission, Nicole Fontaine, President of the European Parliament, holds a press conference with Romano Prodi, new President of the European Commission, at which she sets out their priorities for interinstitutional cooperation.

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Source: Summary of Press conference by EP President N. Fontaine and President R. Prodi on the outcome of the vote of approval of the Commission- Strasbourg: Europe By Satellite [Prod.], 15 septembre 1999. EBS [Europe By satellite]/Commission européenne, Bruxelles. - VIDEO (09:04, Colour, Original Sound Track).
Europe by Satellite, Bruxelles, Breydel 6/312. 11445.

Copyright: (c) Union européenne

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