Press conference held by Gordon Brown (Brussels, 2 May 1998)

Extract from the press conference held by Gordon Brown, President of the ECOFIN Council, on the recommendation adopted by the Council, on 2 May 1998, concerning the fulfilment by the Member States of the necessary conditions for the adoption of a single currency. On the basis of the reports drawn up by the European Monetary Institute and the European Commission, the Council accordingly adopted its conclusions on the 11 countries fulfilling the convergence criteria and forwarded these to the Council, meeting in the composition of the Heads of State or Government, in order for a decision to be taken (Article 121(2) and (3) of the EC Treaty).

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Source: L'envol de l'Euro - 2000- Bruxelles: Médiathèque de la Commission européenne [Prod.], 2000. Médiathèque de la Commission européenne, Bruxelles. - VIDEO (01:00, Couleur, Son original).

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