Press conference held by Frans Andriessen on the Commission opinion on Austria’s application for accession (Brussels, 31 July 1991)

On 31 July 1991, in Brussels, Frans Andriessen, Vice-President of the Commission of the European Communities with special responsibility for External Relations and Commercial Policy and Cooperation with other European Countries, comments on the opinion delivered by the European Commission on Austria’s application for accession to the Communities.

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Source: Conférence de presse de Frans Andriessen sur l'avis de la CCE sur la demande d'adhésion de l'Autriche / Frans Andriessen.- Bruxelles: Commission européenne [Prod.], 31.07.1991. Médiathèque de la Commission européenne, Bruxelles. - VIDEO (00:08:43, Couleur, Son original).
Médiathèque centrale de la Commission européenne, Berlaymont 4/363, 200 rue de la Loi B-1049 Bruxelles.

Copyright: Union européenne

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