Press conference held by Adolfo Suárez González: the issues surrounding Spain’s integration into the European Communities (Brussels, 1977)

In 1977, in Brussels, Adolfo Suárez González, Spanish Prime Minister, holds a press conference at the Commission of the European Communities in the presence of Marcelino Oreja Aguirre, Spanish Foreign Minister, to reaffirm the desire of the Spanish government and people to join the European Communities, particularly referring to the notion of solidarity and support for the free movement of workers.

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Source: Médiathèque centrale de la Commission européenne, Berlaymont 4/363, 200 rue de la Loi B-1049 Bruxelles.
Conférence de presse d'Adolfo Suárez González, président du gouvernement espagnol / Adolfo Suárez González.- Bruxelles: Commission européenne [Prod.], 1977. Médiathèque centrale d ela Commission européenne, Bruxelles. - VIDEO (00:04:28, Couleur, Son original).

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