Personal account by Bronislaw Geremek: the changing role of the Council of Europe (24 June 1998)

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In this personal account, Bronislaw Geremek, Polish Minister for Foreign Affairs from 1997 to 2000, outlines the changing role and influence of the Council of Europe.

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Source: 1949-1999, discours, Conseil de l'Europe / Bronislaw Geremek.- Conseil de l'Europe [Prod.], 24.06.1998. Conseil de l'Europe, Strasbourg. - SON (00:04:41, Montage, Son original).
Council of Europe, Avenue de l'Europe, 67075 Strasbourg Cedex.

Photo: OSCE Chairman-in-Office in 1998, Polish Foreign Minister Bronislaw Geremek. Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, 01.05.1998. Colour.
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