Overview of monetary policy events since May 1971 (Bonn, 12 October 1971)

In an internal report drafted in Bonn on 12 October 1971, the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs mentions 19 events with an impact on monetary policy that have occurred since May 1971. The report highlights foreign exchange inflows, Community initiatives for action, the floating of the Deutschmark and the Dutch guilder, the conclusions of the Council of Finance Ministers’ meeting on 1–2 July 1971, the US measures of 15 August 1971, the Benelux monetary initiative of 19–20 August 1971, the currency market situation in the Community, the meeting of the EC Council of Ministers on 13 September 1971, the meeting of the ‘group of Ten’ and the IMF, the second phase of US measures on 7 October 1971, the meeting of the OECD working group, the letter from Federal Chancellor Brandt to President Pompidou on 17 October 1971 and Pompidou’s reply, the currency realignment of 3 November 1971, the Versailles Conference of 4 November 1971, the note from the United States on 5 November 1971 concerning non-EFTA states, the German-British bilateral talks on 9 November 1971 and the development of US measures in the US Congress.

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Source: BArch B 102 (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft) / 161040.

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