OEEC meeting (Washington, 10 April 1953)

On 10 April 1953, a meeting in Washington of the Organisation for European Economic Cooperation (OEEC) provides an opportunity for a study of the economic situation in Europe. From left to right: Harold Stassen (Director of Mutual Security), Sir Hugh Ellis-Rees (President of the OEEC Council), Hans Karl von Mangoldt (Chairman of the Managing Board of the European Payments Union), Attilio Cattani (Chairman of the OEEC Executive Committee), Baron Jean Charles Snoy et d’Oppuers (Chairman of the Exchange Steering Committee) and Robert Marjolin (OEEC Secretary-General).

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Source: Réunion de l'OECE avec de hauts fonctionnaires à Washington, avril 1953. Washington: OCDE, 1953. Noir et blanc.
GRIFFITHS, Richard T. (sous la dir.). A la découverte de l'OECE. Paris: Les éditions de l'OCDE, 1997. 301 p. ISBN 92-64-24286-4. (Collection historique de l'OCDE ; 1).

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OEEC meeting (Washington, 10 April 1953)