Memorandum from the Netherlands Government concerning the European Community (5 May 1953)

On 5 May 1953, Johan Willem Beyen, Netherlands Foreign Minister, sends a letter to his counterparts in the Member States of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) in which he outlines the means for establishing general, rather than sectoral, economic integration in order to establish progressively a genuine common market in Europe.

Source and copyright

Source: BEYEN, Johan-Willem. Mémorandum du gouvernement des Pays-Bas concernant la Communauté européenne. 05-05-1953. Foto 73370. Kept in: NVV - J.G. van Wouwe 1945-1973, Stukken betreffende Europese en internationale organisaties. Stukken betr. de Nationale Commissie van advies voor de Europese Landbouwintegratie. 1952-1955, 105.

Copyright: (c) Union européenne

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