Letter from Nikolai Bulganin to Guy Mollet on the Suez Crisis (5 November 1956)

On 5 November 1956 the Soviet Marshal, Nikolai Bulganin, notifies the French, British and Israeli Governments that the Soviet Union is prepared to employ all modern forms of destructive weaponry to halt Western military intervention in Egypt.

Source and copyright

Source: BULGANIN, Nikolaj Alexandrovic?. [Lettre de Nicolas Boulganine à Guy Mollet (5 novembre 1956)]. In: France. Ministe?re des Affaires e?trange?res. Commission de publication des documents diplomatiques franc?ais.. Documents diplomatiques français. Paris: Imprimerie nationale. 1990. 1956, Tome III, 24 octobre-31 décembre, pp. 212-213.

Copyright: (c) Ministère des Affaires étrangères de la République Française

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