Letter from Nguyen Van Thieu to President Gerald R. Ford (19 September 1974)

On 19 September 1974, faced with the bellicose attitude of the communist forces, Nguyen Van Thieu, President of the Republic of Vietnam, informs Gerald R. Ford, the American President, of his wish to see the United States reaffirm their support for the government of the Republic of Vietnam and for the application of the Paris Peace Agreements.

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Source: Letter from Nguyen Van Thieu, President of the Republic of Vietnam, to President Gerald R. Ford concerning U.S. support for the Paris Agreement. President (1974-1977: Ford). White House Office of Central Files, 19/09/1974. Black and White.
Gerald R. Ford Library (NLF), 1000 Beal Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2114. NLF. 0056. CFOA. CFOA14. A, ARC Id. 186 713.

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