Judgment of the Court of Justice, Grzelczyk, Case C-184/99 (20 September 2001)

It emerges from the judgment of the Court of Justice of 20 September 2001, in Case C-184/99, Grzelczyk, that Articles 6 and 8 of the EC Treaty (now Articles 12 and 17), relating to prohibition of discrimination on grounds of nationality and to citizenship of the Union, preclude entitlement to a non-contributory social benefit, such as the minimum subsistence allowance (minimex) provided by the Belgian Law, from being made conditional, in the case of nationals of Member States other than the host State where they are legally resident, on their falling within the scope of the Council Regulation on the free movement of workers within the Community when no such condition applies to nationals of the host Member State.

Source and copyright

Source: CVRIA. Case-law: Numerical access to the case-law. [ON-LINE]. [Luxembourg]: Court of Justice of the European Communities, [22.05.2006]. C-184/99. Available on http://curia.eu.int/en/content/juris/index.htm.

Copyright: (c) Court of Justice of the European Union

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