Joint statement by the Presidents of the Council and of the Commission on the state of the Community (2 April 1974)

On 2 April 1974, François-Xavier Ortoli, President of the Commission of the European Communities, and Walter Scheel, Foreign Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) and President-in-Office of the Council of the European Communities, issue a joint statement to the Council in which they outline the current problems and suggest measures to improve the decision-making mechanisms in the Community.

Source and copyright

Source: Bulletin des Communautés européennes. Mars 1974, Nr. 3. Luxembourg: Office des publications officielles des Communautés européennes. "L'état de la Communauté: déclaration commune des présidents du Conseil et de la Commission", p. 11-13.

Copyright: (c) Union européenne, 1995-2013

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