Issues raised at the Hague Conference, by Jean Ferniot (RTL, 10 November 1969)

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On 10 November 1969, in a broadcast on RTL, the journalist Jean Ferniot considers the issues to be raised at the European Summit, due to take place on 1 and 2 December in The Hague.

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Source: Sort de l'Europe fixé le 1-12. Conférence de La Haye / Jean Ferniot.- Paris: RTL [Prod.], 10.11.1969. RTL, Paris. - SON (00:05:51, Montage, Son original).

Photo: Sommet de La Haye. Lambiotte, Christian. La Haye: Médiathèque Commission européenne, 1969. Noir et blanc.

Copyright: (c) Archives RTL

Photo: (c) Union européenne

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