Interview with Viviane Reding (Sanem, 22 May 2015) — Excerpt: The new powers of the European Commission in the fields of justice, fundamental rights and citizenship following the Treaty of Lisbon

In this interview excerpt, Viviane Reding, Vice-President of the European Commission with responsibility for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship from 2010 to 2014, discusses at length her new powers in this post following the Treaty of Lisbon. She particularly mentions the dispute with France over the situation of the Roma people following a memorandum from the Ministry of the Interior which targeted this group and laid down arrangements for them to be returned to their country of origin. She also speaks about her confrontation with Romania over the proposed dismantling of its Superior Court of Justice, and with Hungary over an attempt to discriminate against judges on political grounds.

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Source: Interview de Viviane Reding / VIVIANE REDING, Elena Danescu, prise de vue : Alexandre Germain.- Sanem: CVCE [Prod.], 22.05.2015. CVCE, Sanem. - VIDEO (00:11:47, Couleur, Son original).

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