Interview with René Pleven (1 April 1966)

On 10 March 1966, General de Gaulle officially announces his intention to withdraw French troops from NATO integrated military command. René Pleven, former French Defence Minister, former Prime Minister and the inspiration behind the abandoned project for a European Defence Community (EDC), is one of the opponents to this decision and signs the public petition launched as a sign of protest.

Source and copyright

Source: M. Pleven sur le retrait de la France de l'OTAN / René Pleven.- Luxembourg: CLT Journal télévisé [Prod.], 01.04.1966. CNA, Dudelange. - FILM (00:01:27, Montage, Son original).
Centre national de l'audiovisuel, Dudelange, 5, rue de Zouftgen. Inv: FC Z0681, FC - L0969.

Copyright: (c) CLT/UFA

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