Interview with Jean Asselborn: the limits of enlargement (Luxembourg, 10 April 2005)

In this interview on 10 April 2005, Jean Asselborn, Luxembourg Foreign Minister and President-in-Office of the Council of the European Union, gives his views on the fears of the general public in Western Europe regarding the continuing enlargement of the European Union and on the repercussions that these fears might have on the results of the referenda for the ratification of the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe, to be held in the spring and summer of 2005 in France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

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Source: Service information et presse du gouvernement luxembourgeois, 33, boulevard Roosevelt, L-2450 Luxembourg.
Émission hebdomadaire télévisée sur la Présidence luxembourgeoise du Conseil de l'Union européenne / JEAN ASSELBORN, Maurice Molitor.- Luxembourg: Service information et presse [Prod.], 10.04.2005. Service information et presse, Luxembourg. - VIDEO (00:02:57, Couleur, Son original).

Copyright: (c) SIP 2005

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