Interview with Heinrich Aigner: the European Court of Auditors (Luxembourg, 1986)

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In this interview given in 1986 in Luxembourg, Heinrich Aigner, then Christian Democratic Group Member of the European Parliament and responsible, in 1975, for drawing up the report on the section of the draft Treaty dealing with the establishment of a European Court of Auditors in his capacity as rapporteur for the Committee on Budgetary Control, welcomes the role played by the Court of Auditors in the area of budgetary control of the European Communities.

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Source: Interview d'Heinrich Aigner / HEINRICH AIGNER, Rosmarie Carotti.- Luxembourg: Rosmarie Carotti [Prod.], 1986. Collection privée Rosmarie Carotti, Luxembourg. - (01:51, Montage, Son original).

Copyright: (c) Rosmarie Carotti

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