Inauguration of 'Thalys euro' (Brussels, 21 December 2001)

On 21 December 2001, the European Commission launched the single currency publicity campaign ‘Thalys, the euro on the move'. Until 4 February 2002, the ‘Thalys euro' travelled through France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, covered in pictures of euro coins on a blue laminated background. The coins represented the notes of part of the musical score to Beethoven's 9th Symphony: Ode to Joy. The photo shows Commissioners Pascal Lamy and Pedro Solbes Mira.

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Source: Inauguration du Thalys euro. Alain Dereymaeker. Bruxelles- Gare du Midi: Commission européenne, 21.12.2001. Couleur.

Copyright: (c) European Community

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Inauguration of 'Thalys euro' (Brussels, 21 December 2001)