Hemicycle (28 November 2012)

This video, dated 28 November 2012, explains the workings of the European Parliament, which meets at plenary sessions in the ‘hemicycles’, or semi-circular parliamentary chambers, in Strasbourg and Brussels.

Source and copyright

Source: Get the picture: Hémicycle - Bruxelles: Parlement européen - Division de l'Audiovisuel [Prod.], 28.11.2012. Parlement européen, Bruxelles. - VIDEO (00:01:33, Montage, Son original).
Parlement européen, Rue Wiertz, 1047 Bruxelles - Belgique. http://europarltv.europa.eu/fr/player.aspx?pid=19ec519e-ec54-4318-ac60-a11500fdeb87.

Copyright: (c) Union européenne

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