Headquarters Allied Forces Mediterranean (Malta, 13 March 1954)

On 13 March 1954, on the island of Malta, the flags of six nations (France, Greece, Italy, Turkey, the United States and the United Kingdom) are raised over the Headquarters Allied Forces Mediterranean (AFMED) to mark the first anniversary of the formation of AFMED, command of which has been given to Admiral Mountbatten. AFMED has been placed directly under the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR). In wartime, it is responsible for maintaining secure lines of communication in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, and for leading air and naval operations. In peacetime, the Commander of AFMED organises operational plans for inter-Allied manoeuvres and oversees the training of the naval forces at its disposal.

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Source: The flags of six nations being raised over the headquarters of Allied Forces Mediterranean at Floriana, Malta to mark the first anniversary of the formation of Admiral the Earl Mountbatten's command on 13 March. A guard of honour of Royal Marines is present. The flags were raised in the following order: France, Greece, Italy, Turkey, USA, and Great Britain. Malte: Imperial War Museum. Black and White. THE ROYAL NAVY DURING THE COLD WAR 1945-1991. Part of ADMIRALTY OFFICIAL COLLECTION. Royal Navy official photographer. © IWM (A 32874)
Catalogue number A 32874
Document available at: http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205187791.

Guillaume, Gilbert. « Malte et l'Organisation du Traité de l'Atlantique Nord ». dans Annuaire français de droit international. [en ligne] 1966. Volume 12. pp. 434-455. [20 05 2014] /web/revues/home/prescript/article/afdi_0066-3085_1966_num_12_1_1894 .

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Headquarters Allied Forces Mediterranean (Malta, 13 March 1954)