Front page of the Wiener Zeitung on the signing of the State Treaty (15 May 1955)

On 15 May 1955, a special edition of the Austrian daily newspaper Wiener Zeitung is devoted to the signing, the same day in Vienna, of the State Treaty for the Re-establishment of an Independent and Democratic Austria.

Source and copyright

Source: Wiener Zeitung. 15.05.1955, n° Extra-Ausgabe. Wien.
Ludwig Boltzmann, 1955-2005 "Österreich is Frei!". 50 Jahre Staatsvertrag. [En ligne]. [Graz-Wien-Klagenfurt]: Ludwig Boltzmann-Institut für Kriegsfolgen-Forschung, 2004. [s.d.]. Disponible sur

Copyright: (c) Wiener Zeitung

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