François-Xavier Ortoli


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Photo: La tâche sera lourde pour M. François Ortoli. Keystone, 12/07/1968. Noir et blanc.

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François-Xavier Ortoli
Date and place of birth
16/02/1925 in Ajaccio (France)
Offices held
Minister for Information (1951)
Technical adviser to the cabinet of the Minister for Economic Affairs (1953)
Director-General of the EEC Internal Market Directorate General (1958)
Head of Georges Pompidou’s cabinet (1962)
Commissioner-General of the Plan (1966–1967)
Minister for Equipment and Housing (1967–1968)
UDR Member of the French National Assembly (1968)
Minister for the Economy and Finance (1968–1969)
Minister for Industrial and Scientific Development (1969–1972)
President of the Commission of the European Communities (1973-1977)
Vice-President of the Commission of the European Communities with special responsibility for Economic and Financial Affairs (1977-1984)