Draft treaty for the establishment of an EMU, Intergovernmental Conference (Brussels, 10 December 1990)

On 10 December 1990, the Commission of the European Communities submits to the forthcoming Intergovernmental Conference its draft revision treaty for the establishment of an Economic and Monetary Union. This draft incorporates the preparatory work carried out since the Hanover Council and various additional contributions. It identifies the points that have yet to secure agreement and sets out the arrangements for the transition from one stage to the next.

Source and copyright

Source: Commission des communautés européennes, Projet de Traité portant révision du Traité instituant la Communauté économique européenne en vue de la mise en place d'une Union économique et monétaire, SEC(90) 2500, Bruxelles, 10 décembre 1990, disponible sur http://ec.europa.eu/dorie/fileDownload.do?docId=409999&cardId=409999 .

Copyright: Union européenne

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