‘Consequences and intentions of the Schuman plan’ from Union française et Parlement (25 May 1950)

In May 1950, in an article in the journal Union française et parlement, Léon Boutbien, Member of the Steering Committee of the French Section of the Workers' International (SFIO) and Adviser to the French Union, welcomes the revolutionary nature of the Schuman Plan for a coal and steel pool and considers the issues surrounding the plan, in particular the attitude of socialist activists and the position of the British.

Source and copyright

Source: Union française et parlement. 25.05.1950. Paris: Union française et parlement. ISSN 0992-8251. "Conséquences et intentions du projet Schuman", auteur:Boutbien, Léon.

Copyright: (c) Revue de la Communauté France Eurafrique

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