Cartoons by Romeu on the introduction of the euro (1998–1999)

(1) ‘The euro, fixed at 166,386 pesetas.’ ‘Eh?’ ‘Try to divide your salary by 166,386.’‘Eh?’ ‘It’s depressing.’ (2) ‘Puñetas [damn] and tetas [boobs] rhymed with pesetas, but what rhymes with euro?’ ‘Pseudo, feudo [fief] and pneumo.’ ‘It’s gonna to be hard to get used to.’ ‘Yep.’ (3) ‘It’s not fair. Four billion undeclared pesetas and only four years to convert them into undeclared euros!’ The Spanish cartoonist Romeu takes a humorous look at the transition from the peseta to the euro.

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Source: OÑATE, Juan (Ed.). Portugal and Spain = Portugal e Espanha = Portugal y España, 1986-2006 Twenty years of European integration = Vinte anos de integração na Europa = Veinte años de integración en Europa. Association of European Journalists/European Parliament. Madrid: vybeditores, 2006. 373 p. ISBN 92-823-2002-2.
El País. Madrid.

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Cartoons by Romeu on the introduction of the euro (1998–1999)