Cartoon by Pinatel on the Suez Crisis (1957)

‘Russian supply pipeline. Small oil lamp. Vase. Canal water. Overheated atmosphere. Delivery of boiling water. Translation into French of English splutterings. Cooling tank. US elections. Tepid saliva. Residue of Western solidarity. End of the crisis. Diagram illustrating the Suez Crisis.’ The French cartoonist, Pinatel, illustrates the complexity of the Suez issue and takes an ironic look at an international crisis which is coming to an abrupt end.

Source and copyright

Source: Pinatel. La 3ème en pire. Paris: Georges Burnier, 1957. 206 p. "Schéma de l'affaire de Suez", auteur:Pinatel, p. 193.

Copyright: (c) Pinatel

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Cartoon by Pinatel on the Suez Crisis (1957)