Cartoon by Parschau on the dangers of German rearmament (1954)

‘EDC. NATO. Adenauer: “It’s not a threat — I’m telling you that you can choose one or the other!”’ In 1954, in the East German satirical magazine Eulenspiegel, as debates are held on the creation of a European Defence Community, cartoonist Harri Parschau deplores the threat facing France (Marianne) in the light of the plan for German rearmament advocated by Federal Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. The two soldiers presented by the West German Chancellor strangely resemble the soldiers of the Wehrmacht during the Second World War, and their threatening appearance is emphasised by the fact that they are pointing their guns at Marianne. The possible revival of the West German army within the EDC or NATO does not augur well for France’s future and brings back the spectre of war.

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Source: PARSCHAU, Harri. "Adenauer: "Das soll doch keine Drohung sein, wenn ich sage, du kannst dir einen aussuchen!" dans Eulenspiegel. Unbestechlich, aber käuflich! Berlin: Eulenspiegel-Verlag. 1954, n°12, p.16

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Cartoon by Parschau on the dangers of German rearmament (1954)