Cartoon by Kamb on the Élysée Treaty (22 January 1963)

‘The hug’. On 22 January 1963, the day the Élysée Treaty is signed, French cartoonist Kamb offers an ironic depiction of the hug between French President Charles de Gaulle and Federal Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, a highly symbolic gesture of reconciliation between the two countries. But the two leaders’ arms have been replaced by atomic missiles (‘A’-bombs), and the German arm is adorned with a cufflink in the form of the Iron Cross, a German military decoration. The treaty’s detractors particularly condemn the close political and military cooperation of France and West Germany, as well as the ‘nuclear cronyism’ that could bring the FRG under France’s nuclear umbrella.

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Source: KAMB (Jacques Kambouchner). "L'accolade" dans L'Humanité Organe Central du Parti Communiste Français. Paris: L'Humanité 22.01.1963, p.1.

Copyright: (c) KAMB

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Cartoon by Kamb on the Élysée Treaty (22 January 1963)