Alain Peyrefitte, This was de Gaulle

In his memoirs, Alain Peyrefitte, General de Gaulle's former Information Minister, describes the preparations for the press conference held at the Élysée Palace on 14 January 1963 during which the French President announced his decision to bring to an end the diplomatic negotiations on the United Kingdom's accession to the European Communities.

Source and copyright

Source: PEYREFITTE, Alain. C'était de Gaulle. Volume I: La France redevient la France. Paris: Fayard, 1994. 598 p. ISBN 2-213-02832-X.

Copyright: "C'était De Gaulle. Tome I: La France redevient la France" de Alain Peyreffite (c) Librairie Arthème Fayard, 1994

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