Against Europe? Government opposition to Europe — MISHA seminar (Strasbourg, 16 October 2009) — Second panel

In this second panel for the first part of the seminar, chaired by Anne Thevenet, Assistant Director of the Euro-Institute in Kehl, Robin Allers from the University of Oslo discusses relations between Norway and the European Union after the ‘No’ vote to accession in 1972. Maria Gainar from the University of Strasbourg looks at US resistance to political Europe between 1973 and 1980. Finally, Émilia Robin Hivert from the University of Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV) considers the French Communist Party’s position on European integration in the 1960s.

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Source: Centre Virtuel de la Connaissance sur l'Europe, Château de Sanem, L-4992 Sanem (Luxembourg).
Contre l'Europe ? : Les oppositions à l'Europe au sein des gouvernements - Séminaire MISHA (Strasbourg, 16 octobre 2009) - 2nd panel / prise de vue : Delphine Kiefer.- Strasbourg: CVCE [Prod.], 16.10.2009. CVCE, Sanem. - VIDEO (01:33:36, Couleur, Son original).

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