Address given by Willy Brandt on the occasion of the fall of the Berlin Wall (Berlin, 10 November 1989)

On 10 November 1989, the day after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Willy Brandt, former Mayor of Berlin and Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG), delivers an address in the John F. Kennedy Platz in which he emphasises the historic dimension of the fall of the Wall and places the event in the context of European unification.

Source and copyright

Source: BRANDT, Willy. ".was zusammengehört", Reden zu Deutschland. Bonn: Verlag J.H.W. Dietz Nachf., 1990. ISBN 3-8012-3035-X. (Dietz Taschenbuch 35). p. 37-41.

Copyright: (c) J.H.W. Dietz Nachf. GmbH

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