Address given by Robert Schuman (Strasbourg, 19 March 1958)

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On 19 March 1958, the European Parliamentary Assembly elects the Frenchman Robert Schuman as its President. In his first speech as head of the institution, the man who pronounced the Declaration of 9 May 1950, the founding act of the European adventure, highlights the changes made to the way in which the European Parliament works since the entry into force of the Treaties signed in Rome in March 1957.

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Source: Robert Schuman à Strasbourg. 19 mars 1958- Strasbourg: 19.03.1958. Médiathèque du Parlement européen - Archives Radio, Bruxelles. - SON (00:11:52, Montage, Son original).

Photo: Robert Schuman président du Parlement européen. Jean Jungmann. Bruxelles: Parlement européen, Juin 1958. Noir et blanc.

Copyright: Médiathèque Parlement européen

Photo: Photo European Parliament

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Robert Schuman, President of the European Parliament