Address given by Piet Dankert on the Schengen Convention (Schengen, 19 June 1990)

On 19 June 1990, at the ceremony held to mark the signing in Schengen of the Convention implementing the Agreement on the gradual abolition of checks at common borders, signed in Schengen on 14 June 1985, Piet Dankert, Netherlands State Secretary for Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the meeting, delivers an address in which he welcomes this Agreement, despite the difficulties it posed, on the abolition of controls at the internal borders between the five signatory countries.

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Source: Médiathèque centrale de la Commission européenne, Berlaymont 4/363, 200 rue de la Loi B-1049 Bruxelles.
Signature des Accords de Schengen / Piet Dankert.- Schengen: Commission européenne [Prod.], 19.06.1990. DG Press & Communication, Commission européenne, Bruxelles. - VIDEO (00:01:39, Couleur, Son original).

Copyright: Audiovisuelle Mediathek der Europäischen Kommission

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