Address given by Helmut Schmalz (Dortmund, 22 September 1969)

On 22 September 1969, at the opening of the Conference of German agricultural unions in Dortmund, Helmut Schmalz, Chairman of the free trade union of agricultural workers, comments on the provisions of the Mansholt Plan and emphasises the implications of the reform of the common agricultural policy (CAP).

Source and copyright

Source: Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis, Amsterdam. Sicco L. Mansholt (1908-1995), (1858-) 1945-1995. Beleidsactiviteiten. Memo 80, Programma 1980. Stukken betreffende het Plan Mansholt inzake voorstellen tot landbouwhervorming in de EEG. 1968-1971, 130.

Copyright: Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis / International Institute of Social History

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