Address given by Frédéric-Joseph Vandemeulebroek (Brussels, 1945)

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In 1945, Frédéric-Joseph Vandemeulebroek, Mayor of Brussels, welcomes Winston Churchill, former British Prime Minister, in order to confer upon him the freedom of the city of Brussels for his heroic actions during the Second World War.

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Source: Churchill à Bruxelles / Frédéric-Joseph Vandemeulebroek.- Bruxelles: RTL [Prod.], 1945. CTL-UFA, Luxembourg. - SON (13'36'', Montage, Son original).
CLT-UFA, 45, Boulevard Pierre Frieden, L-1543 Luxembourg.

Photo: Frédéric-Joseph Vandemeulebroek. Belga, 1950. Noir et blanc.

Copyright: (c) CLT/UFA

Photo: (c) Belg Photo

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Frédéric-Joseph Vandemeulebroek