Additional report by the Joint Committee on the second Annual Report by the Association Council at the Parliamentary Conference of the EEC–AAMS Association (13 December 1966)

At the Parliamentary Conference of the Association between the European Economic Community (EEC) and the Associated African and Malagasy States (AAMS), held from 10 to 14 December 1966 in Abidjan, rapporteur Alioune Sissoko presents a motion for a resolution, on behalf of the Joint Committee, on the second Annual Report of the Association Council.

Source and copyright

Source: Rapport complémentaire fait au nom de commission paritaire sur le deuxième rapport annuel d’activité du Conseil d’association à la Conférence parlementaire de l’Association. Report by SISSOKO, Alioune. 13-12-1966. Document 14. Kept in: Archives historiques de l'Union européenne. EM-Eduardo Martino, EM.C Commission exécutive. EM.C.C Afrique noire, Etats africains et malgache associés (EAMA). EM-182.

Copyright: Historical Archives of the European Union

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