‘A flag for Europe’ from Saisons d’Alsace (1950)

In an article published in 1950 in the French quarterly publication Saisons d’Alsace, the Director of the Information and Press Service of the Council of Europe, Paul M. G. Lévy, and the assistant curator of the Museums of the City of Strasbourg, Paul Martin, submit their proposal for a new emblem for the Council of Europe: a white flag with a green cross, with the coat of arms of the City of Strasbourg in the centre.

Source and copyright

Source: Les Saisons d'Alsace. dir. de publ. Jean-Paul Baechler. 1950, n° 3. Strasbourg. "Un drapeau pour l'Europe - A flag for Europe", auteur:Lévy, Paul M.G.; Martin, Paul.
European flag - Drapeau européen. Notes and links. [EN LIGNE]. [s.l.]: Council of Europe, Library and Archives, [19.01.2006]. Disponible sur http://info.coe.int/archives/hist/flag/default.asp.

Copyright: (c) Les saisons d'Alsace

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