Philosophical history of the concept of subsidiarity (Brussels, 20 October 1992)

On 20 October 1992, in Brussels, the Commission of the European Communities presents a document on the notion of subsidiarity. This document highlights the changing meanings of this concept, including the Calvinist, corporatist and subsidiary theory of a secularised state. It also analyses Althusius’ ‘jus sunbioticum’, which constitutes the root of the subsidiarity principle, and refers to the Anglo-American liberal approach upheld by John Locke in this respect.

Quelle und Copyright

Quelle: Commission des Communautés européennes. Note de Dossier. Histoire philosophique du concept de subsidiarité, No 64/92. Bruxelles: 20.10.1992, 8 p. Historical Archives of the European Union 2013, Villa Salviati – via Bolognese 156, I-50139 Firenze – Italy, HW11.

Copyright: Union européenne

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