Opening of the Potsdam Conference (17 July 1945)

The Potsdam Conference opens on 17 July 1945. American President Harry S. Truman takes over from Franklin D. Roosevelt, who died on 12 April that year; and, on 28 July, Clement Attlee, victorious in the recent British general elections, replaces Winston Churchill.

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Quelle: Harry S. Truman Library (NLT), Independence, MO, U.S. Highway 24 & Delaware Street. AVC. PHT. 63(1457)29. ARC Id. 198 704.
In a triple handshake, President Harry S. Truman (center) holds the hands of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (left) and Soviet leader Josef Stalin (right) at Cecilienhof Palace during the Potsdam Conference. Potsdam: War Department. U. S. Army. Office of the Chief Signal Officer., 25/07/1945. Black and White.

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Opening of the Potsdam Conference (17 July 1945)